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Money Talks


p>I thought this was really cool to see how US money was created to make all these phrases. Credit to Dan Tague.

You can see more here and here.

Some damn fine copywriting


more here

Help Japan posters


One of the things I like the most about poster design is the ability to reach masses and support a certain cause. Posters are an easy and cool way to reach out and put a little from our part to improve our community and the rest of the world. After seeing efforts like the Haiti Poster Project, it’s very inspiring to see W+K, Leukocyt, Zac Neulieb, and more artists from around the globe step it up for the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

Via abduzeedo.

Remote Amélie?


For when we decide to take Amélie Company on the road. I saw this post and the ideas started flowing…

Here’s a couple sample pics. See the rest here.

Matthew Hofmann is a practicing architect in Santa Barbara, CA who recently renovated a 1970s Airstream trailer into a small live/work studio.

Street art from around the world


Every time I see the amazing things you can see with a website powered by google maps my jaw drops. You don’t have to be able to travel all over the world anymore? to see all the cool stuff in different places in the planet. We’ve seen the different sites that let you do virtual tours of museums such as

Well this time Red Bull has launched, A pretty awesome website featuring street art from around the world. Granted there’s still a lot of stuff missing, but it even has an “add a location” button so you or anybody can get to it. Pretty cool way to support street art. And yeah, it’s Red Bull, but for a good cause in my opinion.

Via abduzeedo.

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