3D Collision Billboard Revealed (And Gets News Coverage)

p>The months of hard work and dedication has paid off. Yesterday, Amélie Company’s 3D billboard for the Colorado State Patrol was revealed. It’s the final part of a campaign that includes traditional billboards, radio, trucks wraps and brochure.

The board simulates the crash between a car and a truck, but in a way that actually impacts the billboard itself. The crash of metal and wood will guarantee that this board, and the message, gets seen by as many people as possible.

Amélie Company 3D billboard

Amélie Company 3D billboard

Several news stations were there to pick up on the story, including 9 News. Amélie Company Creative Director Paul Suggett was there to talk to the camera crews about the making of the board and the importance of the campaign.

We must give props to the two guys who helped make this happen. First, Armando Martinez for the great retouching work and scale models. And then Bill Kinsey of Eye Candy Props for actually building this and making it look so real.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all really proud of this one here at Amélie Company.

One of several "wrapped trucks" on the highways of Colorado right now.

One of three billboard designs across the state.

Truck magnets given away free to truckers to help us carry the message across the state.

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